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Almost 100 violations against Palestinian journalists' rights so far in 2015 Tuesday, 07 July 2015 14:35

The Israeli occupation forces are continuing with their violations of the rights of Palestinian journalists. Almost 100 incidents have been recorded so far this year, with journalists being arrested in the occupied territories as they try to cover political activities and the Israelis' suppression of Palestinian protest activities. The 99 violations in the first six months of 2015 range from beatings to detentions.

According to the Wafa Palestinian news agency's periodic report, the Israeli occupation forces continue to target and arrest journalists. "They use live ammunition and 'rubber' bullets as well as tear gas; they beat them, detain them and take them to court as part of Israel's systematic and planned policy to hide the truth, shut journalists' mouths and suppress freedom of opinion and expression, in order to cover up its daily crimes against civilians and to prevent news from reaching the outside world."
The report said that the first half of this year saw an Israeli escalation against the media and freedom of expression in general, in a clear violation of international and humanitarian laws, which are supposed to protect Palestinian journalists. It is of note that in the period in question, Israel began to deal with Palestinian journalists and media professionals who report on activities linked to the boycott movement as "security offenders".
Wafa emphasised that this escalation requires a serious response from human rights organisations as well as the Arab and international press and trade unions to stop these crimes. International campaigns need to be organised, it suggested, in support of Palestinian journalists and their struggle against Israel's crimes and violations which they face on a daily basis.

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