viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

TRIBUTE PAGE James Foley (1973-2014)

James’ mother describes him as an “extraordinary son.” To us, he was an extraordinary journalist, who abhorred violence and  was motivated by the desire to highlight the plight of the victims of war. As an internationally renowned journalist, James’ work took him to Libya and Syria. While being held captive by the Islamic State, he remained impassive in the face of threats, clinging to the hope that he would eventually return home. Courageous and composed, he communicated his hope to his fellow prisoners.
Reporters Without Borders extends its sincere condolences to his family, especially his mother, who came to our headquarters in Paris. As an organization, we had known James ever since he raised funds with other photo journalists and the assistance of Reporters Without Borders to support the education of the three children of his friend Anton Hammerl, killed in Libya in April 2011.
In memory of James Foley, Reporters Without Borders undertakes to wage an unrelenting battle for the safety of all those who, like him, expose the horrors of war. The sickening execution of James has shocked not only our community of journalists, but also the entire world. We are creating this tribute page today so that his fellow reporters, other members of the media community and all citizens who are concerned about freedom may leave messages expressing their feelings and leave notes of condolences. We shall keep alive the spirit of this talented and committed journalist, James Foley (1973–2014).

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