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 Itsmania pineda plateroimpunity grows before Honduran journalists murderedMore than 400 journalists, communicators and media owners work under threats.SOURCE CONADEH
From 2003 to 2013 34 journalists have been killed, including journalists, broadcasters, media owners, editors and journalism students.

The first case occurred in the administration of President Ricardo Maduro (2002-2006), when the November 26, 2003 was killed Corporation managing director Maya Vision, Channel 7, Santa Rosa Copan. Minutes before starting the transmission of the news, an alleged unknown, using a gun with a silencer, shot Rivas causing instant death. Rivas's assassination marked the beginning of a decade of constant mourning for the Honduran press.

Another similar Honduran society hit happened four years later, when he ruled Manuel Zelaya Rosales (2006-2009). Two strangers took the life of the journalist and humorist Carlos Salgado, well known for his comedy show called "Bean the Terrible". Salgado left the studio after recording his popular program that combined news and humor about everyday problems, when gunmen shot him and then fled in a van. Salgado, known also for his political satire, was in the air for over 20 years.

Currently the cases of these two renowned journalists were forgotten memory both in society as well as the obligations of the authorities responsible for investigating these cases ..In the administration of Zelaya were five murders of journalists. In the administration of Roberto Micheletti (June 2009 to January 2010) was a case. The situation boiled over in the current government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

At the end of three years there have been 27 murders of journalists, representing 79 percent of all cases. "This radiography in insecurity for the Honduran press,

Francisco Morazán reported 12 violent deaths (35%) journalists; Cortés, 7 (20%), Atlantis, 4 (12%), Copan, 2, Columbus 2; Olancho, 2, El Paraiso, 2, Santa Barbara , 1; Yoro, 1, and Lempira, 1 ", sets the CONADEH report.Of the 34 reported cases, since November 2003, to date, only one has been the subject of a conviction, this represents a three percent. However, there are 33 (97%) cases in which parties are enjoying impunity, which demonstrated that Honduras remains a country without justice for the victims and punishment for the perpetrators.

The case study reveals that 30 journalists, representing 88%, were killed with a firearm, a knife, two strangled and one that know the type of gun used to take his life.

Of the 34 journalists who died violently, 14 (41%) worked in radio, 9 (26%) on television, five (15%) combined his work in radio and television, two (6%) in the area of ​​communication or public relations, one (3%) as a photojournalist and editor of news and in three cases no records where worked, states the report of the National Commissioner of Human Rights.On the eve of the Journalist Day, celebrated every May 25, representatives of organizations of journalists, including the Association of Journalists of Honduras (CPH) and the Honduran Press Association (APH), as well as international institutions, will require the government and administration of justice authorities more willing to investigate cases of assaults and murders of journalists and greater respect for freedom of speech and press.

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