jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

la mujer y la violencia en Honduras

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      Sociology says that the family is the foundation of society, but we see today, a household, destroyed, disconnected, broken, by the daily violence that is sprawling and manifests itself in different ways against us women, as show the statistics of the organizations that defend the rights of women and the United Nations, with the greatest impact as a result of the military coup and religious. A matricentrista home, where the woman is the center of everything. Man suffers abuses and often faced the rebellion of the children. It is a stark reality. "If the core of society is the family, we have to live with this moral poverty, a broken society", with broken homes where the head is a woman and therefore the children grow up only with the support of the mother completely disintegrated. So that we are scared if our "core social and family can not be called" in a neoliberal society.

      In domestic and family violence, attacked the house is the place where most stars in the attacks, including cases in which women were not living with the aggressor. The house was a prime setting for family and couple relationships where the perpetrator acts with greater freedom and women, young adult or girls are more helpless.

      Other sites where the attacks occur are: the offender's home, another relative or acquaintance. Women are attacked in public places, reflecting the impunity of these violent actions and the prevailing social legitimacy. Crimes against sexual freedom and honesty (rape and attempted rape and abduction and rape) have also grown.

      Of note is the high number of men detained for this offense, which is the 4th cause of detention or imprisonment. It is a form of crime that arouses great relevance within the undiscounted news events that produces anxiety in the family, community and widespread panic throughout society. For many it is the result of poverty and corruption galloping freely in the country.

      The proliferation in the loss of moral and spiritual values in the home. The degradation of the human being to his slightest expression, impunity, culture of violence, income inequality, lack of exercise and application of laws allowing some urgent legal reforms because the existing "e unadaptable are inadequate to reality Current criminal ".

      The absence of an adequate social policy to prevent the application of a more ineffective strategy of prevention and repression, neglect the social projects that help to offset the rise offense against us women.

      The legitimacy of the use of force as a means of conflict resolution makes it an acceptable social behavior in the absence of state capacity to maintain social order in the country. "The sensationalism and red note" is the best weapon making mock justice governance and institutional integrity ", normalizing violence and non-governmental security phenomenon that is" private "campaigns directing violence to women and children as solutions to everyday conflicts, self defense being the only alternative left. Which translates as an increase in crime involving Honduran women as a new criminal profile in the different contexts of society, regardless of social class, in the management of the modern state and the social psychology of a people the verge of rebellion or cannibalism.

      Whether natural or human violence is defined as "the use or threatened use of physical force or psychological harm with intent" (Buvinic, Morrison and Shifter, 1999) and in its various manifestations (murder, robbery, kidnapping , domestic violence, rape). Violence from the point of view of human rights is an evil in itself. It is the loss of years of mental health of the population, is absorbing permanent life on the planet, at all times men and women have tried to avoid it, not accept it as a reality that lies dormant in all areas of life daily as the family itself.

      The violence is a product of our own fears, we are children of it, practice it and use it when we deem it necessary, in the home, business, social, trade union, political, human rights organizations including, where we exercise power, control , authority even from women leaders. That does not mean we should accept it without any qualms. More than ever, women assume a more aggressive role in the different fields of our society, making us more vulnerable to crime, to the legislative indifference and to the increasing number of impunity and social and political insolaridad.

      For all women who quietly dignified living off humiliated, assaulted being victims of violence. Of the more than 500 victims of femicide and violence in Honduras. For all of us in the beautiful mujers International Women's Day is this gift,

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