miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

HONDURAS state authorities must ensure the freedom, safety and life of journalist Julio Ernesto Alvarado congressional candidate PARLACEN for free

Our solidarity with the journalist and parliamentary candidate (PARLACEN) and the Freedom Party Refoundation (FREE), Mr. Julio Ernesto Alvarado, director of the news My Midnight Nation and are transmitted by Radio Globo and Globo TV, who according to communications to the world by the international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has been and is under surveillance, persecution and death threats with impunity by individuals who behave in suspicious vehicles and characteristics of assassins, especially on March 5 and days , why has appeared before the COFADEH and suspended its evening news broadcasts.

The Minister Ana Pineda Hernández, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, through the Directorate General of Protection Mechanisms Defenders of Human Rights, Judicial Officers, Journalists and Social Communicators who directs the Attorney Rodil Vasquez with this case should demonstrate its ability to coordinate, promote, respect and guarantee human rights, providing timely and adequate protection to one of the most prominent journalists and recognized the country, whose love of country is fully demonstrated, and other journalists and media workers as Itsmania Pineda Plateros and frolicking in the political project of the National Party of partial amendments to the Telecommunications Act CONATEL on access or supposed democratization of the media, as a demagogic act in a electoral political year, to divert the attention of public opinion and approval of other laws and state grants, as well as having a response to the UN UPR, using human rights organizations and specialized in freedom of expression as the sole instrumentalizarles social umbrella to legitimize or legalize their political plans for calculating foreign financing granted.

The state should give an immediate answer to this complaint with the constitution of a special investigation team between prosecutors and law enforcement officers in order to identify and establish in the shortest time possible identity of the perpetrators and masterminds and emerging measures of protection direct to the journalist and the protection of the home and workplace of the communicator to prevent any attack and to deter criminals from their murderous intentions.

The struggle for the defense and protection of freedom of expression and dissemination of ideas is crucial for all sectors of society at a time when the regime of President Porfirio Lobo Sosa is provided to support a process made to ensure the victory of presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez for the ruling party and current President of the National Congress, who has assured that they will be in power for the next fifty years and which are lending some popular sectors, by offering public office and financing proceeds consultancies Spanish cooperation (Eight million Lempiras) and the European Union (5 million euros over four years) through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, without assessing the dire consequences in the medium term this will conspiratorial support for project of remaking and transformation of Honduran society.

The political lobi offering by National Commissioner of Human Rights from 2014 to replace Dr. Ramón Custodio López, Minister for Justice, should not be an excuse to negotiate the sacred interests of the country and ignore compliance legal obligations imposed by operation of law.

DEMAND FOR RESPECT AND PROTECTION compatriot Julio Ernesto Alvarado.

Tegucigalpa, March 19, 2013.

Leonel Casco Gutiérrez

Human Rights Ombudsman

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