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Honduras Journalist denounces threats and persecution against

Thursday, May 19, 2011 21:11
Journalist denounces threats and persecution against
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TEGUCIGALPA .- Journalist Platero Istmania Pineda reported to human rights organizations to be the victim of a smear campaign against him by people who intended to affect related to activities of child pornography.

Platero Pineda, who is president of the organization XIBALBA, said that these people have committed crimes against the honor, defamation, violation, disclosure of secrets, violation of copyright and related offenses.

He said the prevention work carried out on behalf of children has had to discuss issues such as human trafficking and rape and child exploitation.

He said that their complaints have ended with the recovery of children who have been referred to the Honduran Institute for Children and Families (IHNFA).

"For reasons of this work have been the victim of a systematic campaign of persecution, threats, intimidation, not only against me but against the founder of XIBALBA, María Isabel Barahona Morales" he said.

"I was surprised when my articles circulating the Internet as I have published, but attached photographs and videos of child pornography, in addition to be a web page with my name exactly where it is, but its content is adverse to publications I write and go against my principles spiritual, moral and grounds of the organizations we represent, "he added.

He said it is evident that the best weapon of organized crime is the internet, because every day dehumanizes women and men contributes to family disintegration.

"I ask the Minister Oscar Alvarez to take suitable action to clarify this for being on the Internet is a transnational crime," said Pineda.


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