jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Honourable members of the The Norwegian Nobel Committee,

We, hereby signed, are asking you to seriously consider giving  the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2015 to Mr. Raif Badawi from Saudi Arabia.

As you were always aware of those brave individuals willing to risk their lives to question regimes and their taboos you were giving them the Nobel Peace Prizes. Thus, we are completely assured that Mr. Raif Badawi is one of these brave individials, and he truly is. 

As you are certainly aware Mr. Raif Badawi, a human right activist and a blogger was put into a prison and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonments and 1000 lashes for a non-existent crime - so called "blasphemy" - by the theocratic dictatorship of the Saudi family. 
In fact his texts were exactly what every Muslim today has to read. Therefore it is not shocking to say that Mr. Badawi is an Arabic Voltaire of our days.
What is it all about is explained in detail here:

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